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Explore horticulture sites, learn about the newest happenings in gardening, and celebrate fellow MGs during award programs.

2021 Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Conference

The 37th Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Continued Training Conference will be held October 19-21, 2021 on Zoom.

Each year, Master Gardener Volunteers from all parts of Florida converge to network and catch up with the newest happenings in Florida gardening.

Master Gardener Volunteers are recognized at the annual state conference for both their years of service and with specific awards. The success of the Master Gardener Volunteer Program would not be possible without the volunteers' great contributions.  We thank each of our volunteers and especially recognize those who go above and beyond in their volunteering capacity.

The classes that you will be attending are advanced Master Gardener Volunteer topics in the areas of wildlife and invasives, soils and diagnostics, horticulture and gardens, Florida-Friendly Landscaping™, and more. There will be great new things to learn and training to brush up on, too.

Registration is now open -- see the full agenda and learn more about our keynote presentations!

Other Conferences

International Master Gardener Conference

The International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC) has been held every two years since 1987. The IMGC provides an opportunity for Master Gardener volunteers and State and County coordinators to come together and learn through seminars and tours, celebrate successes through the International Search for Excellence Program, and meet and network with Master Gardener volunteers, faculty and staff from across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Master Gardener Leadership School

Volunteer program leaders from throughout the state were invited by the Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Program to learn about leadership techniques, exchange ideas, and become energized through networking. Learn more

District Conferences

The state is divided into four regional districts: Central, Northeast, Northwest, and South Central. These events bring together area Master Gardener volunteers, horticultural professionals, and UF/IFAS faculty and specialists.