Master Gardener Webinars

Webinars provide a convenient and free professional development option for people who want to learn new strategies and tools without taking time off work and paying travel expenses. Each hour-long session will be recorded and available on our website to view whenever you'd like.

To Join the Webinar

Webinars are facilitated in Zoom. For help, see "Getting Started" on

Contact your MGV county coordinator for the registration link.

2024 Upcoming Webinars

All webinars are at 1 p.m. EST

  • June 27 – Great Southeast Pollinator Census with Jeremy Rhoden
  • July 25 – Perennial Peanut: Tough Groundcover for Florida with Kelly Thomas
  • August 22 – Beneficial Insects: IPM and Success Stories, Adam Dale
  • September 26 – Hurricane Survivors: What Makes it Through the Storm with Stephen Brown
  • October 24 – Nematodes: Basics and Beyond with William Crow
  • November 14 – Honey Bees: What MGVs Need to Know with Amy Vu
  • December 12 – MGV Projects That Make Us Proud with Wendy Wilber

Next Webinar

June 27, 1 pm 2024 » Great Southeast Pollinator Census with Jeremy Rhoden

Small photo of Jeremy RhodenJeremy Rhoden is Urban and Residential Horticulture agent and Master Gardener Volunteer coordinator for UF/IFAS Extension Marion County. Jeremy's work focuses on agricultural education, Farm to School, hydroponics, vegetable gardening, and ornamental landscaping. He holds certifications with the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscaping Association (FNGLA) and Green-Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP).

Recent Webinars

May 23, 1 pm 2024 » Climate Change in Real Life with Larry Figart and Savanna Barry

April 25, 1 pm 2024 » Planting for Success: Trees and Urban Stressors with Ryan Klein

March 28, 1 pm 2024 » Turf and Soil Testing Update with Bryan Unruh

March 20, Noon, 2024 » Special Pest Alert: Thrips Parvispinus with Drs. Lance Osborne and Nicole Benda

February 22, 1 pm 2024 » Tomatoes: Growing for Success with Larry Williams

January 25, 1 pm 2024 » Ear Leaf Acacia: Invasive Plants in South Florida with Emily Le Falchier


December 14, 1 pm 2023 » Pass-along Plants for Florida with Wendy Wilber

November 16, 1 pm 2023 » Design for Florida-Friendly Success with Jen Marvin

October 26, 1 pm 2023 » Old Garden Roses with Matt Orwat

September 28, 1 pm 2023 » Medicinal Plants: Research Update with Brian Pearson

August 24, 1 pm 2023 » Heritage Vegetables with Dina Leibowitz

July 27, 1 pm 2023 » Dragon Fruit and Finger Limes with Jeff Wasielewski

June 22, 1 pm 2023 » Protecting Yourself from Heat Stroke with LaTrina Massey

May 25, 1 pm 2023 » Applying Ecological Principles in Your Garden Ecosystem with Cynthia Nazario-Leary

April 27, 1 pm 2023 » Grafting, Budding, and Airlayering with Jeff Williamson

March 23, 1 pm 2023 » Mosquitos in Florida and Their Control with Eva Buckner

February 23, 1 pm 2023 » The History of Florida Citrus with Chris Oswalt

January 26, 1 pm 2023 » Your Master Gardener Volunteer Stories Shared, with Linda Seals and Ramona Madhosingh-Hector

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