Master Gardener Webinars

Webinars provide a convenient and free professional development option for people who want to learn new strategies and tools without taking time off work and paying travel expenses. Each hour-long session will be recorded and available on our website to view whenever you'd like.

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2022 Upcoming Webinars

All webinars are at 1 p.m. EST

  • May 26 – The Rhizosphere: A follow up with Dr. Chris Wilson
  • June 23 – Pollinator Conservation Successes with Dr. Jaret Daniels
  • July 28 – Gardens of the Big Bend with Dr. Gary Knox
  • August 25 – Lawn and Landscape Weeds with Dr. Chris Marble
  • September 22 – Homeowner Hydroponics (Presenter TBA)
  • October 27 – Water Conservation Successes with Laura Vasquez
  • November 17 – Flip my Florida Yard with Tom Wichman
  • December 15 – Demonstration Gardens of Florida with Wendy Wilber

Next Webinar

May 26, 1 pm 2022 » The Rhizosphere: A follow up with Dr. Chris Wilson

Jamielyn DaughertyDr. Chris Wilson is an assistant professor and global change agroecologist from the UF Agronomy Department in Gainesville. In this presentation he will take a deep dive on what happens at root level. This presentation will help you understand the importance of the root system and the soil connection. Dr. Wilson completed his PhD in interdisciplinary ecology at the University of Florida and earned his bachelor's degree in ecology at New College of Florida.

Recent Webinars

You can find all 2022 Master Gardener Volunteer recorded webinars here on our YouTube channel.

April 28, 1 pm 2022 » The Changing of Plants Over Time with Jamielyn Daugherty

March 24, 1 pm 2022 » Improving Soil Health with Dr. Eban Bean

February 24, 1 pm 2022 » Agroecology with Dr. Zachary Brym

January 27, 1 pm 2022 » Urban Ecology for Citizens and Planners with Gail Hansen

2021 Webinars

You can find all 2021 Master Gardener recorded webinars here on our YouTube playlist.

December 16, 1 pm 2021 » Florida Botanical Gardens with Wendy Wilber

November 18, 1 pm 2021 » Fertilizers and Water Quality with Don Rainey

October 28, 1 pm 2021 » Florida Natives: Ethnobotany with Jim Davis

September 23, 1 pm 2021 » All About the Asters with Marc Frank

August 26, 1 pm 2021 » Fire Ants Update with Dr. Faith Oi

July 22, 1 pm 2021 » Backyard Tropical Fruits with Jeff Wasielewski

June 24, 1 pm 2021 » More on Mangroves with Alyssa Vinson

May 27, 1 pm 2021 » Attracting Pollinators to Your Yard with Heather Kalaman

April 22, 1 pm 2021 » Helping Trees Succeed with Dr. Ryan Klein

March 25, 1 pm 2021 » Victory Gardening Update with Erin Harlow, Maxine Hunter, and Tia Silvasy

February 25, 1 pm 2021 » Getting to Green in Your Garden with Lynn Barber

January 28, 1 pm 2021 » Creating a Food Forest with David Outerbridge

December 10, 2020 » Algal Blooms: what Master Gardener Volunteers need to know with Dr. Lisa Krimsky

November 19, 2020 » Behavior Changes in the Landscape and Storm Water Ponds with Dr. Paul Monaghan

October 29, 2020 » Tree Care: Lessons after the storm with Dr. Mike Orfanedes, UF/IFAS Broward County

September 24, 2020 » Understanding Lawn Maintenance Contracts and GI-BMP with Cesar Peralta

September 17, 2020 » Plant Toxicity (special webinar hosted by UF/IFAS Northwest District)

August 27, 2020 » Florida-Friendly Landscaping™: New information on the plant list and resources with Claire Lewis

July 30, 2020 » Brazilian Pepper Bio-control with Dr. Carey Minteer

2020 Leadership School Recordings

  • MotivationDr. Matt Sowcik, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (Presentation PDF)
  • From Me to WeDr. Laura Greenhaw, assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (Presentation PDF)
  • Crucial ConversationsChristy Chiarelli, assistant extension scientist in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) and director of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Presentation PDF)
  • Leaders ListenWendy Wilber, Florida Master Gardener Volunteer statewide program coodinator (Presentation PDF)

June 25, 1 pm 2020 » Invasive Animals in Florida with Dr. William Kern

May 28, 1 pm 2020 » Biodiversity and Lawn Pests with Dr. Adam Dale

April 30, 1 pm 2020 » Pesticide Refresher with Dr. Brett Bultemeier

Watch a recording of this webinar.

March 26 » Food Safety for Master Gardener Volunteers with Dr. Amy Simonne

Watch a recording of this webinar.

February 27, 1 pm 2020 » Florida Master Gardener Volunteers Projects from Around the State

Wendy Wilber, Statewide Master Gardener Volunteer Program Coordinator

January 30, 1pm 2020 » Planting a Refuge for Wildlife

Liz Schold, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

December 12, 1pm 2019 » Planting Trees and Arbor Day

Nickie Munroe, Horticulture Extension Agent, Indian River County

Older Recordings