The Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Book Club

Cover of the book which has a photo of a very green outdoor scene

Are you looking for a good read? Or interested in connecting with gardeners around the state? You are invited to join us for a community reading.

What's the plan for the months of September, October, and November?

Do you remember exploring your first backyard? Discovering each inch of terrain, or following the insects on their march? Our childhoods were shaped by the wonder of the world around us. As we grew we took up our roles in shaping that world, too. If the natural world still fills you with delight, if your hope is to shape it wisely, we have just the title for you! Come explore the world of backyard ecology with the Florida MGV Book Club this autumn season.

“Bringing Nature Home” is an award-winning book about welcoming native plants and wildlife to our urban and suburban jungles. Author Douglas W. Tallamy is an entomologist by trade, but his passion is insect and plant interactions. As we read, we’ll tackle the tough questions of urban ecology and consider our place in the biosphere. Tallamy paints a vivid picture of the ecological world in which we live, and colors it in with hundreds of beautiful images of our native flora and fauna.

How do I join the book club?

Simply purchase the book, directly from the UF/IFAS Extension bookstore or from an online bookseller like, and you're in. "Briging Nature Home" is available in multiple formats: hardback, paperback, audio book, and Kindle e-book. A note to our readers who prefer large print: we suggest purchasing an e-book, so the text size can be adjusted. For the months of September and October the UF/IFAS Extension bookstore will be offering the paperback edition at a discounted price, so order soon!

To share your thoughts and discuss with readers around the state, follow us on social media. We'll be posting frequently on Instagram (@Florida.Master.Gardeners) and Facebook (@florida.mastergardeners). There we will share discussion questions, quotes, pictures, and video discussions with our State Master Gardener Volunteer Program Coordinator, Wendy Wilber.

Will we meet to discuss the book?

Bringing Nature Home reading schedule: read chapters one through three by September 26, chapters four and five by October third, chapters six and seven by October tenth, chapters eight and nine by October 17, chapters ten and eleven by October 24, chapter 12 by October 31, chapter 13 by November 7, and finish the book by November 14

Yes! Wendy Wilber will host a statewide, virtual book club meeting at the end of our eight weeks of reading. Check the November issue of the Neighborhood Gardener newsletter or our social media accounts for details. We'll use these platforms to announce the Florida MGV Book Club's next pick, too.

But you don't have to wait until the end of the month to gather with other book club members. Local Master Gardener volunteers, friends, and neighbors may enjoy reading the book and discussing together all month long. We encourage local groups of readers to meet up virtually when meeting in person is difficult. Consider using social media platforms, Zoom, Skype, or making a phone call.

However you decide to connect, we're excited to read and grow with you. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Book List

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