Florida Pines

A stand of longleaf pines

A stand of longleaf pines (Pinus palustris). Chuck Bargeron, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org

Florida is host to many different pine trees, several of which can work well for homes with ample planting space.

The loblolly pine is the largest and can grow to 150 feet tall. Once established, this tree is very drought tolerant. The slash pine can get up to 100 feet tall and four feet in diameter. It grows well in a wide range of settings.

The sand pine is a small tree, usually less than 25 feet in height. It grows mostly in the sandy coastal soils of the peninsula.

Many pines grow rapidly, and all provide pleasant, dappled shade. Plus, fallen needles make a great mulch. It’s best to locate pines away from driveways and homes, since they can drip sap and drop cones.



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