Peace lily flower

Studies show that caring for plants has a calming effect and reduces blood pressure.

Many people grow plants indoors for the beauty and warmth they add to the home. But did you know that plants also have many health benefits?

Caring for plants can help lower your blood pressure. Plants have a calming effect, and they certainly brighten up a gray day! Besides giving off oxygen, indoor plants can help clean the air, reducing dust and absorbing the chemical fumes given off by plastics. Some, such as English ivy, are especially good at cleaning the air. Place your house plants where you spend the most time to reap the most benefits.

Featured Houseplants

Decorating with Bold Houseplants

Most gardeners have a few houseplants to bring the outdoors indoors, whether it's a beloved ficus, philodendron, or a tried-and-true spider plant. But houseplants can do more than just fill up an empty corner. They can enhance your home's décor or even make a bold statement that's impossible not to notice.

For bold texture, try plants with large leaves, like peace lily, lady palm, or fiddleleaf fig. If you're looking for bold, bright color, try croton, variegated dracaena, or bromeliads.

To make an even stronger statement with these plants (or even that old ficus), group several plants together in matching containers, and use an uplight to show off your display.