Pests and Diseases

Bacterial leaf spot on pepper leaf

Insects, diseases, weeds, wildlife, and even the weather can mar the beauty of a well-kept yard. Learn how to protect your lawn and garden.


Unfortunately, the same climate that makes Florida so ideal for gardening also provides conditions in which insects thrive. Many different insects attack our landscape and garen, and it's difficult to predict from one season to the next which of these pests will cause problems. Some cause problems every year while others rarely appear. There are also many insects which are beneficial, and in some instances essential.


With Florida's humid, hot climate, fungus is the cause of most plant diseases, but bacteria and viruses can hurt plants as well. Be sure to know what you're dealing with before attempting to treat a diseased plant—one pathogen may not react to a "cure" like another. If you're not sure, seek the help of your county Extension office.