Home landscape

In Florida, it can be a challenge to keep your yard looking good. Make your work more effective by choosing suitable plants and providing appropriate care. The results will be stunning.


As you start landscaping, be sure you get started on the right foot by purchasing quality plants. Once you have your plants, be sure they get planted properly. There are numerous resource guides to help you keep your landscape healthy according to the maintenance level you choose for your landscape.


Pruning isn't just for looks; it's an important part of plant maintenance.


Learn how to balance your lawn's need for water with environmental conditions such as drought.


Plants, like people, need good food to stay healthy. Prepare the soil before you plant, and fertilize correctly to make sure your plants are getting the nutrients they need.

Pests and Diseases

Many diseases and insects call Florida home. Gardening Solutions can help you protect your garden against unwelcome creatures and plants.

Weeds and Invasive Plants

Sometimes weeds are just plants growing where they are not wanted, but they can also be dangerous or invasive species. Learn how to tell the difference, and about the best ways to deal with them.


Florida is a hot, humid state, thanks to plenty of sunshine, hundreds of lakes and rivers, and 60 inches of rain per year. This, combined with the occasional winter freeze, can make gardening in Florida a challenge. Keeping ahead of our tricky weather requires staying informed.

Tools and Equipment

As you begin to work in your landscape you are sure to need some garden tools. Quality tools help get the job done and will last for years if cared for properly. 

Florida-Friendly Landscape Care

Florida-friendly yards strike a balance of proper landscaping and protecting the environment. These landscape work with nature and take all aspects of the landscape into consideration.