Walter's Viburnum

Walter's viburnum in bloom

A Walter's viburnum in bloom.

Walter’s viburnum makes a great addition to the Florida landscape. This native’s leaves are glossy and dark green, and emit an appealing fragrance when crushed. Walter’s viburnum will grow to about 20 feet, but you can also choose dwarf forms.

Walter's viburnum can be grown as either a small tree or as a shrub, making an excellent hedge. This Florida native features a mass of small white flowers in the spring that attract butterflies, and its fall fruit attract birds and other wildlife. It's also a favorite nesting site for cardinals and other song birds.

Walter’s viburnum prefers full or part sun and will tolerate a range of different soil types. This is a low-maintenance plant and highly drought-tolerant, but it can produce root suckers, so it may need regular pruning.

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Closer look at Walter's viburnum flowers
Dwarf variety of Walter's viburnum

A dwarf variety of Walter's viburnum under a palm.