Star Anise Shrubs

Star anise shrub with small red flowers

Star anise is a rapidly growing, evergreen native shrub. There are three species of anise shrubs that can be found in Florida.

The leaves of this plant are olive green and give off a distinctive odor of licorice when bruised or crushed. The slender branches often droop to the ground, giving a rounded, open canopy.

Star anise shrubs can be used for dense hedges or windbreaks, or pruned as an espalier or border plant. Star anise will grow to a height of fifteen to twenty feet and a breadth of over ten feet. It grows well in sun or shade, but will be thinner in the shade.

It appreciates rich soil and plenty of moisture but will easily survive harsher conditions. Star anise is a gardener’s dream, as it’s pest-free, cold-hardy, and easy to grow.


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