Need a great flowering plant for your summer beds or hanging baskets? Check out the new torenia varieties that tolerate heat and humidity and bloom for months.


Older varieties of torenia didn’t always thrive in Florida, but the new Summer Wave® series of torenia is tolerant of heat, heavy rains, and occasionally dry soils. Specific cultivars in the Summer Wave® series include ‘Amythyst Ice’, ‘Silver’, ‘Violet Ice’, ‘Large Amythyst’, and ‘Large Violet’.

Torenia is also known as wishbone flower because it has a unique wishbone shape in the center of each flower. Flowers resemble snapdragons and can be white, yellow, pink, violet, or purple, depending on the cultivar.

Plants usually get about 6 inches tall and can trail up to 30 inches as they grow, making them a great choice for the front of a landscape bed or the edge of a container or hanging basket.

While torenia is generally considered an annual, it should be able to overwinter in zones 10-11.

Planting and Care

Summer Wave® torenia plants prefer a moist, fertile soil but will tolerate occasional lapses in watering. They will perform best when planted in partial shade.

Water regularly, but do not allow the plants to sit in water and become soggy. Fertilizing every two to four weeks will help encourage growth.

For more information on torenia, contact your county Extension office.

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