Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisies

Daisies are charming, friendly flowers, and the Shasta daisy is no exception.

Ideal as bedding plants, with attractive foliage that stays green year-round, Shasta daisies have a wildflower look and are a good choice for container gardens, cut flower plantings, and butterfly gardens.

Shasta daisy flowers are about three inches across, and white with yellow centers. They bloom in early summer, and you can extend the blooming period by removing the old blooms.

The Shasta daisy is a hardy perennial that can be grown throughout the state, although it’s treated as in annual in south and central Florida, where the high summer temperatures kill it off.

Shasta daisies do best in full sun, but can adapt to partial shade, and prefer moist, well-drained soil. The daisies can grow up to several feet tall on their sturdy stems.

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