Dragon's blood stonecrops
Dragon’s blood stonecrop (Sedum sparium ‘Dragon’s Blood’) in a “wall garden” at the Sibley Horticultural Center, Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

Sedums are a versatile group of succulents that can be planted throughout Florida. They typically have small, leaves that are green, chartreuse, gray, red, or variegated.

These low-growing plants work great at the front of landscape beds or spilling over the sides of containers. You can also plant them in drifts to create a textural groundcover.

Sedums thrive in poor, sandy soils, and need only occasional watering. In fact, too much water can lead to disease and cause the plants to rot.

They typically crave full sun, but may prefer partial shade in South Florida.

‘Florida Friendly Gold’™ is a versatile groundcover that is both heat and cold tolerant in Florida landscapes. ‘Coral Reef’ and ‘Sea Urchin’ are also dependable choices.

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