Ornamental Sweet Potato

A chartreuse green sweet potato plant and a dark purple sweet potato plant

The ornamental sweet potato is a bold tropical plant that grows as a perennial in Florida. The foliage is much more colorful than that of edible sweet potatoes.

This unique plant is popular for containers and borders. In a container, the vines will quickly flow over the edges. In beds, it’ll behave as a groundcover. It can easily be trimmed when it gets too wild, and the cuttings can be used to create new plants.

Other than an occasional trimming, ornamental sweet potato is an undemanding plant. The vines will let you know when they need water by wilting, and the foliage quickly springs back from a frost or freeze. It prefers full sun, but will grow in partial shade.

This hardy, drought-tolerant climber comes in a wide array of attractive foliage colors, from bright chartreuse green to a purple so dark it’s almost black.

UF/IFAS Publications

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