A yellow-flowered lantana with variegated leaves

A variegated lantana

Both drought- and salt-tolerant, lantana is a low-maintenance perennial with brightly colored flowers that attract butterflies.

That said, many species, including the common Lantana camara, are highly invasive, so care should be taken when choosing a lantana for your landscape.

Many nurseries sell sterile lantana plants, meaning they won't spread. The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council recognizes the cultivars ‘Gold Mound’, ‘New Gold’, ‘Alba’, and ‘Patriot’ as sterile. The UF/IFAS Assessment of Non-native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas recognizes 'Bloomify Red' and 'Bloomify' Rose as "not a problem."

The native Lantana depressa is actually an endangered species and is only found in small areas of South Florida.

Lantana enjoys full sun, and while it is drought-tolerant, it will flower more when watered regularly. It should also be noted that the unripened berries are poisonous to humans, and the leaves are highly toxic to animals.


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