Silvery green juniper shrubs
The broad, shrubby juniper contrasts nicely with the thin, upright holly.

Junipers are incredibly versatile plants; there is a form for almost every landscape use. From hardy ground covers to salt-tolerant shrubs to large trees, these sun-loving plants can be of use in any Florida yard.

There are about forty species of juniper and many selections of each. Junipers range from dwarf types, which can be used as groundcovers, to large trees like red cedar. This range makes junipers a versatile choice in the landscape.

Junipers have excellent tolerance to salt spray and salty soils. Shore juniper is often used for seaside plantings, but other varieties could be chosen as well.

Another advantage to junipers is their excellent drought tolerance. But for all their flexibility, junipers definitely need at least half a day of full sun.

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