Hot pink cyclamen

Cyclamen is a beautiful flowering plant that thrives in cool weather. It’s frequently purchased from nurseries and florists to use as an accent plant in the house or as a gift plant. While cyclamen is a perennial in its native Mediterranean, here in Florida it’s usually treated as a cool-season annual.

Cyclamen grows from a tuber and can get as large as ten inches. The leaves are dark green to silvery and rounded or heart-shaped. The plant has recurved twisting flowers in red, pinks, and white.

Cyclamen grows best in a bright location without direct sunlight. Apply water to the soil when the soil surface begins to dry out. Once done blooming, the plant usually goes into a dormant state, with its leaves turning yellow and falling off. Most people discard it at this point. Much like a poinsettia, it is possible to force cyclamen to rebloom with a little effort, but the flowers will be smaller and less colorful.


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