Clumping Bamboo

A large stand of clumping bamoo
Bambusa textilis ‘Kanapaha’ is a large clumping bamboo that is winter hardy in Florida.

Bamboo has a bad reputation with Florida gardeners. And while it’s true that some kinds do spread aggressively, there is a whole category of bamboos that do not.

There are actually two groups of bamboos: runners and clumpers. Running bamboos can grow rampantly and don’t stay in one place, but clumping bamboos grow only a few inches wider each year.

Clumping bamboo has a tight growing habit which makes it an excellent visual screen and sound barrier, all without endangering the neighborhood. Choose a clumping bamboo whose cold tolerance fits your area. South Floridians have a large and diverse group of bamboo to choose from, but some types thrive in North Florida as well.

For best performance, plant your bamboo in full or part sun. Bamboo will tolerate a wide variety of soil types, but for best growth, water and fertilize yours on a regular schedule, and don’t forget to mulch.

Uses for Cut Bamboo

Bamboo is often compared to trees and shrubs, but it’s actually a fast-growing grass. This speedy rate of growth makes it a popular renewable resource for all sorts of items. Bamboo is used to create flooring, as well as bed sheets, towels, and other fabrics. Outside, you can harvest bamboo to create fencing, trellises, or even Asian-inspired water features.


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