Butterfly Bush

Puple buddleia flower

As its name suggests, butterfly bush is a natural butterfly attractor, thanks to the fragrant flowers it produces in summer and fall.

This semi-evergreen shrub, also known as buddleia (or buddleja—either way, it’s pronounced bud-lee-uh), can reach 6 to 12 feet tall and 4 to 15 feet wide. It prefers full sun or light shade. Countless cultivars are available offering flowers in white, pink, blue, purple, or almost red.

Despite its beauty, butterfly bush has a few drawbacks here in Florida. Many cultivars are highly prone to rust and mites. It’s also highly susceptible to nematodes. So if you’d like to enjoy this butterfly-attracting plant, grow it in a large container, or be prepared for the plant to only last a few years.

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