Bush Daisy

Bush daisy plant
Gamolepis chrysanthemoides, Bush Daisy. Photo: L. Krumfolz, UF/IFAS

The bush daisy is ideal for mass plantings, mixed flower borders, and as a container plant.

Bright yellow flowers appear in great numbers throughout the season and are quite striking against the delicate, dark green foliage.

The loose, rounded form makes a colorful small shrub, or works well in mass plantings, mixed flower borders and containers. It can grow up to three feet tall and four feet wide.

Bush daisies will grow in most soils and do best in full sun. They are moderately drought tolerant, but should be kept watered during dry times for maximum flowering.

During cold snaps, they will die to the ground, but will re-emerge in spring. In the right location and with an occasional light pruning, bush daisies form a striking mound of brilliant yellow flowers that seem to float above the shiny green foliage. In south Florida they bloom nearly year-round.


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