Antique Roses

'Louis Philippe' antique rose
Antique rose ‘Louis Philippe’

Most Florida gardeners think it’s difficult to grow roses, but older varities, known as antique, heirloom or old garden roses, are more hardy and disease-resistant than newer hybrid types.

The American Rose Society defines an “old” rose as any type introduced before 1867. Antique roses come in a wide range of colors and forms, and many are quite fragrant. Some bloom repeatedly, while others bloom for four to six weeks.

Some favorite varieties for Florida include ‘Old Blush’, ‘Mutabilis’, ‘Louis Philippe’, and ‘Mrs. B. R. Cant’. You can find antique roses in catalogs, certain nurseries, and even online.

As a general rule, antique roses need less care than newer hybrids. They’re often more tolerant of pests and diseases, require less water and fertilizer, and can be grown on their own roots.

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