‘Limelight’ Dracaena

You’re probably familiar with at least one variety of dracaena, commonly known as “corn plant.” But you may not know about the striking, acid-green foliage offered by ‘Limelight’ Dracaena (Dracaena deremensis ‘Limelight’).

With glossy, electric lime-green leaves, this tropical foliage plant thrives as a low-light interior plant. ‘Limelight’ Dracaena’s durability makes it ideal for home or office settings; in fact, keeping it in a low-light location helps maintain the dramatic lime coloring.

If you want to try growing ‘Limelight’ Dracaena, use a standard potting mix and keep the soil moist for best results. Florida’s warm, humid air also helps the plant to thrive, and when mature, ‘Limelight’ Dracaena can grow to 5 feet tall by up to 4 feet wide.

This plant grows can also be used outdoors as a shade plant for south Florida gardens.

‘Limelight’ Dracaena was named a “Florida Garden Select” plant by the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA) in 2007.

UF/IFAS Publications

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