Vegetable Gardening in Florida Series

Gardening is a great form of exercise and provides a great way to relax, which is good for your mental health. Plus, with fresh vegetables just a few steps away from the dinner table, it's more likely that you'll eat them every day. These days many people are concerned with eating food that's fresh, in season, and locally grown. Having your own vegetable garden is definitely the simplest way to ensure all three.

Growing your own vegetables can definitely save you money, if done right. It is possible to spend a lot of money on your garden buying seed, tools, fertilizer, and other items you may need. The trick to saving money in this endeavor is keeping costs down while maximizing your garden's yield. And remember, too, that the first year you have a vegetable garden is probably going to be your most expensive one. The typical garden is more cost-effective each year you cultivate it. Read Planting Your Vegetable Garden for more information about getting the most savings out of your garden.

It's tastier to grow your own—vegetable varieties grown in the home landscape often have a much more savory flavor than the vegetables found in grocery stores, which are bred for looks and shelf-life more than taste. You can incorporate flowers, herbs, and fruits into your vegetable garden to make a beautiful statement in any landscape.

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