The Florida MGV Book Club

Cover of the book How Plants Work with a profile photo of a yellow sunflower

Are you looking for a good read? Or interested in connecting with gardeners around the state? You are invited to join us for a community reading.

What’s the current book club title?

As gardeners we have our routines; we till, plant, weed, prune, mulch, amend, and more. But have you ever wondered how our plants feel about all these activities? The more we consider their inner workings, the more questions spring to mind. Why do our plants bloom when they do? How do they follow the sun? Why do they change color?

This autumn the Florida MGV Book Club is going back to school (and doing a little myth-busting, too) as we read "How Plants Work" by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott. This fascinating book explores the plant physiology behind many of our gardening practices. Whether you're a veteran gardener or just starting out, "the more you know, the better you grow!"

How do I join the book club?

Simply purchase "How Plants Work" and you're in! Our fall title is available in full-color paperback and also as a Kindle e-book. A note to our readers who prefer large print, we suggest purchasing the e-book so the text size can be adjusted. You can also purchase a paperback copy from the UF/IFAS Bookstore at a special discounted price.

To share your thoughts and discuss with readers around the state, follow us on social media. We'll be posting frequently on Instagram (@Florida.Master.Gardeners) and Facebook (@florida.mastergardeners). There we will share discussion questions, quotes, pictures, and video discussions with our State Master Gardener Volunteer Program Coordinator, Wendy Wilber.

Will we meet to discuss the book?

Yes! Wendy Wilber will host a live meeting to discuss the book towards the end of the reading schedule; we'll announce a date and time soon. Sign up to receive Neighborhood Gardener newsletter or follow our social media accounts for announcements from the Florida MGV Book Club.

But you don't have to wait for our live event to gather with other book club members. Local Master Gardener Volunteers, naturalists, friends, and neighbors may enjoy reading the book and discussing together all month long. We encourage local groups of readers to meet up virtually when meeting in person is difficult. Consider using social media platforms, Zoom, Skype, or making a phone call.

However you decide to connect, we're excited to read and grow with you. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Book List

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