Gardening Highlights from 2022

With the dawn of every new year, we like to reflect on the trends from the past year and share them with our readers. Please enjoy this countdown of our top five social media topics from 2022!

5. Flip My Florida Yard

Lime green sign reading Flip My Florida Yard

At number five from 2022 is our announcement for the new season of Flip My Florida Yard television series.

The show is a collaboration between the UF/IFAS Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to assist homeowners with transforming their yards into environmentally friendly oases.

The post reached nearly 25,000 people (and counting), with over 780 people interested in learning more about it. Watch episodes of Flip My Florida Yard at the show's website.

4. Planting and Establishing Shrubs

Photo of a nicely landscape Florida yard with the words Planting Shrubs, a step by step guide superimposed over

You spot an exciting shrub at the nursery and decide to bring it home, but now what? UF/IFAS Gardening Solutions has you covered with a step-by-step guide to planting and caring for your new shrub.

Over 34,000 people viewed our shrub-planting infographic and 221 people shared it with their fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Learn more about planting and caring for shrubs.

3. Florida's Most Common Weeds

Image showing small photos from our common landscape weeds video series

On "National Weed Your Garden Day" we shared helpful videos for identifying and managing 20 of Florida's most common "plants out of place."

Over 38,000 people were introduced to our weed management resources and 1,032 people checked out the weed identification videos provided by Dr. Chris Marble on our website.

Learn more about Florida weed identification.

2. Hurricane Pruning

Photo of overly pruned palms looking like matchsticks with the words Hurricane Pruning Dos and Don'ts, photo credit Jono Miller superimposed over it

Photo credit: Jono Miller, author of "The Palmetto Book"

In second place is our post on hurricane pruning. Although hurricane pruning is a common practice, it is not actually necessary and can damage trees.

With the help of 248 sharers, 48,915 people learned about the harmful side effects of hurricane pruning.

Learn more about the correct way to prune your palms.

1. Edibles Infographics

Illustration of a map of Florida with clear separation of North, Central, and South Florida and the words Edibles to Plant, the ever-popular infographics

As always, the "What to Plant" infographics topped the list. Our top three posts from 2022 were the monthly infographics. The most popular month, December, reached nearly 90,000 people and was shared 624 times.

View more infographics from UF/IFAS Gardening Solutions.

Were you surprised by the results? Stay tuned throughout 2023 to predict what this year's gardening trends will be. Happy gardening!

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