How to Take a Turfgrass Sample

Two men closely inspecting a square of green turfgrass
Two UF/IFAS researchers examining a sample of sod
(UF/IFAS file photo)

If your grass has ever developed discolored patches, you might’ve wondered if you could somehow take it to the turf doctor. The answer is yes!

By working with your county Extension office, you can submit samples to the UF/IFAS Plant Diagnostic Center. They’ll tell you if a fungus, bacterium, or virus might be causing the symptoms.

Start with a clean shovel and target the border between the green, healthy grass and the discolored-looking grass. Dig up a four-inch by four-inch square of grass, including the roots.

To ship the sample, shake off excess soil and wrap the grass in aluminum foil. Place it in a sturdy box and select overnight or two-day shipping. Don’t forget to include a completed plant diagnostic form and payment.


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