The sound of water can be very soothing and enjoyable. Fountains add a cool feeling to the garden, and come in all shapes and sizes.

If you have an existing water garden—whether it’s a small container, a barrel, or a large pond—consider adding a fountain head to create interest. You can also purchase a stand-alone fountain or even a battery-powered tabletop model.

Your fountain can take the form of a waterfall cascading down stones to a small pool, or a gentle bubbling flow over the edge of a container.

Fountain pumps require electricity or solar power to recirculate the water. You can purchase components from garden centers or hardware stores.

The advantage of fountains is that any gardener can add a water feature, regardless of space or budget.

Before installing your fountain, be sure to check out the view. The fountain should be easily viewed from both outdoors and indoors. If you have to use a location under trees, make sure it’s not a species that drops debris all throughout the year.

copper rain chain with bell-like attachments hanging from a gutter

Rain Chains

Another attractive water feature is a rain chain. Rain chains function as a downspout would, helping to divert rain off the roof. But unlike downspouts, rain chains are quite beautiful. Most are made of metal, with copper being the most common material. Typically, you can install a rain chain by clipping it into an existing gutter system, after removing the old downspout. Rain chains are widely used in Japan and often play a role in gardens that have an Asian inspiration.

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