How to Make Evergreen Swags

This holiday season, consider making your decorations from the lovely evergreens you have in your backyard. Every plant used in this tutorial is either native or Florida-Friendly. Since the plants you have may be different varieties from these, this tutorial is meant to serve as inspiration for your own creations.

Swag One: Beautyberry

Three evergreen branches fanned out.
Step 1. Lay out three Norfolk Island pine branches
The evergreens with two much lighter green and smaller branches of red cedar on top.
Step 2. Add two red cedar boughs.
Same greenery with thin branch of tiny cones on top
Step 3. Layer a sprig of red cedar cones in between the boughs.
The arrangement now has two stems, each with clusters of bright purple beautyberry fruit up and down them.
Step 4. Add two twigs of beautyberry fruit.
Final product hanging upside down by stems on a door
Step 5. Finish your swag with a bow of raffia or ribbon, and then hang in your desired location.

Swag Two: Princess Caroline

Three branches of greenery.
Step 1. Lay out three Norfolk Island pine branches.
Greenery now with dark purple giant blades of grass.
Step 2. Layer a large clipping of Princess Caroline grass on top.
A cluster of pine needles and a spike of white flowers is now on top.
Step 3. Top the swag with a small sprig of pine (we used our local Loblolly pine) and a spray of goldenrod.
All the parts tied at the base with straw-like raffia ribbon.
Step 4. Complete your swag with a raffia or ribbon bow.
Like before, this arrangement is hung upside down on a door.
Step 5. Hang your lovely creation.

Swag Three: Persian Shield

Coontie branches laid on table.
Step 1. Start with two Coontie branches. We stripped the leaves from one side of each to help them lay flat.
On top of the coontie they have laid a palmetto frond.
Step 2. Add a frond of Sabal palmetto.
Long blades of deep purple ornamental grass and a puffy white stem.
Step 3. Layer a flowery stem from red fountain grass atop a clipping of Princess Caroline grass.
Persian shield is a foliage plant with purple leaves that have a metallic sheen.
Step 4. Finish your swag with a sprig of Persian shield leaves.
Step 5. Tie your swag together with raffia or ribbon and hang.

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