Cat’s Claw

Big red button that reads Prohibited

You may have seen the bright yellow, tubular flowers of cat’s claw vine twinkling in the treetops each spring. But this eye-catching vine is actually an aggressive plant that can spread to wild areas, crowding out native species. It is predicted to be invasive and not recommended by UF/IFAS.

It uses the three-pronged, claw-like structures along its stem to climb aggressively up trees, reaching heights up to 50 feet. Cat’s claw vine can also spread across the ground, forming a mat that smothers other vegetation.

The plant moves to new areas via the winged seeds it produces in flat, bean-like seed pods. It also produces underground tubers, making total eradication difficult.

If you find cat’s claw vine growing in your landscape, cut the vines and dig up any tubers. By doing so, you’ll help prevent this aggressive plant from spreading.

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