Florida Automated Network – FAWN

Gardeners in Florida are lucky to have the UF/IFAS Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN). FAWN is a weather network of 42 monitoring stations across Florida from the north in Jay to the south in Homestead.

FAWN logo on gold background with the letter w stylized to look like a lightning bolt

Weather data is collected every 15 minutes:

  • Air Temperature at 30 feet
  • Air Temperature at 6 feet
  • Air Temperature at 2 feet
  • Soil Temperature at 4 inches
  • Relative Humidity at 6 feet
  • Wind Direction at 30 feet
  • Wind Speed at 30 feet
  • Rain at 5 feet
  • Average Solar Radiation
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure

Weather data calculated every 15 minutes

  • Daily Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Daily Evapotranspiration (ET) – ET is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the land’s surface to the atmosphere.

Hurricane Irma resulted in some fascinating data collected by FAWN. Here are some weather facts from Hurricane Irma in September 2017:

  • Highest Rain Fall recorded at a Fawn Weather Station in a 24-hour period. In Frost Proof, FL 16.90 inches
  • Highest Rain Fall recorded at a Fawn Weather Station in a 15-minute period. In Immokalee, FL on September 10, 2017 at 6:30 pm: 2.16 inches and also at Frost Proof that same day at 10:00 pm: 2.14 inches.

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