Poorly pruned tree due to being too close to power line

Trees and Power Lines

Because trees are a more permanent addition to the landscape, careful site selection and proper planting techniques are essential.

If you live in a neighborhood that has above-ground power lines, you should always think carefully before planting trees. Whenever possible, avoid planting trees where they could possibly grow into the power lines. Tree limbs that touch power lines can create a serious hazard.

Opt for narrow, columnar trees that won't spread into the lines, or choose smaller trees that have a shorter mature height, so that they won't ever reach the lines.

For help selecting a tree that's suited for your area, call your county Extension office. A few options include chickasaw plum, two-winged silverbell, and golden trumpet tree.

Proper planning now will keep you from having to do unnecessary pruning down the road, and it'll help keep you safe.