Wildflowers in the Garden

Florida has a number of wildflower species, many of which can work great in the home landscape. From bright pink phlox to yellow coreopsis, you're bound to find a wildflower that you love and that will work in your garden.

Choose a site that’s sunny most of the day and has well-drained soil. Purchase native seed that’s been produced in Florida and has the “Native from Florida” logo.

Plant in areas with few or no weeds, after you’ve lightly scratched the bare soil with a rake. In grassy areas, mow closely before planting, and remove the clippings.

Wherever you plant, broadcast the seed by hand or with a spreader, and rake the soil lightly. You won’t need to fertilize your native wildflowers; they’re adapted to the low fertility soils of Florida.


Coreopsis flowers. ©UF/IFAS


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