Staghorn FernsStaghorn fern mounted on wall

Beginner (or easily-distracted) gardeners in Florida should consider the staghorn fern. A native of Australia, it thrives naturally in South Florida and can be grown in North and Central Florida as long as it's protected from frost.

Staghorn ferns, with their beautiful, unusual foliage, are found throughout much of the tropical world.
In their native habitat staghorns thrive as epiphytes, typically growing on tree trunks, branches, or rocks. In the landscape, the ferns are often mounted on a piece of wood, tree fern fiber, or wire basket.

Most staghorn ferns thrive best in partial shade, so hang yours under a tree or on a shaded porch.
You can propagate your staghorn by removing the pups, or small plants, that emerge from the main plant. Establish your new plant with damp spaghnum on a wooden slab or basket. Once it’s established, allow your fern to dry out thoroughly between waterings.


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