Two potted philodendrons on a windowsill

If you're looking for a fool-proof house plant, you couldn't do much better than a philodendron. These easy-growing foliage plants thrive with indirect light and very little maintenance.

Philodendrons come in a variety of leaf coloring and size, some growing so large as to be called "tree" philodendrons and other vining types that are perfect for hanging baskets.

They’re a diverse group of vines that can reach many feet in length. The leaves can be glossy and solid green, velvety with textured patterns, or deep red with showy stems. Most philodendrons prefer indirect or filtered sunlight but will tolerate lower light. They’ll do best in a highhumidity environment, but can also thrive in the low humidity of most homes. Hanging baskets are the perfect way to showcase most philodendrons.

Cuttings placed in a glass of water will quickly sprout roots. This is a great way to show kids botany in action through the magic of plants.


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