Immature fig fruit on treeFigs

Native to the Mediterranean, figs have been cultivated and enjoyed for centuries. Figs ripen on the tree and don't ship well, so the best way to truly enjoy a fresh fig is from your local market, or better yet, your own fig tree.

Luckily, Florida offers the right growing conditions, and figs are easy to grow. Just be sure to choose a Southern variety such as Celeste, Brown Turkey, Green Ischia, San Piero or Magnolia.

Fruit on Florida-friendly varieties ripens between July and October, and their size and taste varies. Bare-root figs can be planted anytime during the dormant season, but late winter is best. Plant container-grown plants any time of the year.

Figs will not tolerate excessively wet soil, but need plenty of water during the fruiting season. Mulch around the tree to help the soil retain moisture. Prune your fig only to maintain the preferred size.


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