Alternatives to Turfgrass

A lush lawn can be an appealing element in the home landscape and provides many important benefits, like reducing stormwater runoff and cleaning the air. But sometimes turfgrass doesn’t perform as well as you would like.

When you need an alternative to turf areas, consider installing mulched beds accented by a smaller amount of turfgrass. Groundcovers also make great alternatives in areas where foot traffic or a place to play isn’t needed.

Remember to choose a groundcover well-suited to your site. Some popular groundcover varieties include Asiatic jasmine, beach sunflower, and liriope.

You can also convert a turf area into a patio or deck using permeable pavers.

Turfgrass is a great addition to your yard, but when it’s not thriving, don’t hesitate to look for other alternatives.


UF/IFAS Publications

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