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There are very few Florida homeowners who aren't familar with the tenacious crabgrass. This annual grassy weed is prolific in lawns, golf courses, and gardens. If left unchecked, crabgrass can take over your landscape, disrupting the beauty of the lawn with its different color and texture, and even choke out your lawngrass entirely.

The best defense against crabgrass (and any other weed) is a healthy lawn that's mowed, watered, and fertilized properly. But should you find crabgrass in your St. Augustinegrass lawn, you'll need to spot-kill it with a non-selective herbicide and fill in the bare patches with fresh sod or plugs as soon as possible.

To keep the seedlings from coming back after you eliminate the existing crabgrass, use pre-emergence herbicides the following winter. In South Florida, apply in early February, in Central Florida, around mid-February, and in North Florida, towards the end of the month.


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