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Extension Master Gardener National Committee

National eXtension Master Gardener groupThe Extension Master Gardener National Committee (EMGNC) provides a national focus and contact point for the nationwide Extension Master Gardener (EMG) program and the various state efforts in Extension Consumer Horticulture.

The EMGNC facilitates inclusion of county and state gardening information in eXtension; provides a channel for contacting, funding, and training EMGs to be front line detectors/information providers on national, critical issues related to home yards and landscapes; facilitates national collaboration to avoid redundancy in development of educational materials, and expedites collaboration with federal agencies, funders and professional organizations for input and funding for national issues and priorities.

eXtension Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinators Community

All county, regional, and state EMG coordinators are invited to join this group. This national community is for Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinators/Professionals to discuss EMG volunteer and program management needs, most commonly through scheduled web conferences. If you are an EMG Coordinator and would like to get web conference updates and other national correspondence about the EMG program, please join this community.