2013 Awards of Excellence Winners

Master Gardener volunteers were recognized in October at the 32nd Annual Florida Master Gardener Continued Training Conference.

Martin County Master Gardener volunteersBeautification/Enhancement: Martin County

Master Gardener volunteers whose efforts beautify and enhance their community.

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Orange County Master Gardener volunteersDemonstration/Educational Garden: Orange County

Award-winning gardens have educational components and effectively reach their intended audiences.

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Alachua County sealEducational Materials Development: Alachua County

Recognizing proactive educational materials for the general public or other Florida Master Gardener volunteers.

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Santa Rosa County Master Gardener volunteersExtension Awareness: Santa Rosa County

Master Gardener volunteers who promote awareness of the University of Florida/IFAS and the Florida Cooperative Extension Service.

Marion County Master Gardener volunteersGeneral Achievement: Marion County

Recognizing Master Gardener involvement unique to any of the other categories.

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Linda Kausnick, Outstanding Master Gardener MarionOutstanding Master Gardener: Linda Kausnick, Marion County

Recognizing a Master Gardener who has made outstanding efforts in several projects and activities.

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Sumter County Master Garden Plant Clinic formPersonal Communications: Sumter County

Awarded to Master Gardener volunteers that are exceptionally reactive or responsive to telephoned questions or concerns of the public.

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Santa Rosa County Master Gardener volunteersService to 4-H and Other Youth: Sumter County

Recognizing Master Gardener volunteers who make outstanding contributions to Florida 4-H and/or other youth horticulture groups.

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Sumter County Master Gardener volunteersSpecial Audiences: Sumter County

Recognizing Master Gardener volunteers who make contributions to special audiences such as senior citizens or disabled persons.

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Duval County Master Gardener news columnWritten and Verbal Mass Communications: Duval County

This award is based on excellence in communications including news articles, feature stories, or columns.

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Manatee County Master Gardener volunteersCounty Master Gardener Newsletter: Manatee County

Awarded for newsletters, either exclusively for Master Gardener volunteers or also for the public, distributed in the county.

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