Awardees at 2013 Master Gardener conference

Since 1979, Master Gardeners have been actively involved in serving Florida residents through volunteering with the Florida Cooperative Extension Service.

In return for training, Master Gardeners serve 75 volunteer hours and participate in 10 learning hours within the first year of their certification. Master Gardeners can renew their certification by participating in 10 learning hours and completing 35 volunteer hours each year. They must also adhere to the Master Gardener policies.

Volunteer Hours

The state office provides guidelines as to what qualifies as a volunteer hour, but the county coordinator provides finally approval of volunteer hours.

Guidelines for Reporting Master Gardener Volunteer Hours (PDF)

Volunteer Management System

Florida Master Gardeners use the Volunteer Management System (VMS) to record hours, sign up for events, and receive documents. 

If you have questions about using the VMS, contact your county coordinator for help.