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Easter in the Garden

Easter is a great way to showcase your garden and encourage kids to explore the outdoors.  You can create a springtime Easter theme in your garden by placing baskets and containers throughout your landscape.  Freshen up your flower beds with colorful spring flowers, like Easter lilies and daisies.

Before you hop  into your Easter bunny costume, scout your landscape in advance to figure out the best hiding places for eggs. Look for safe nooks and crannies in tree trunks or large rocks. Keep everything within a child's reach, and avoid placing eggs near any spiky or irritating plants. 

If you plan to plan to boil eggs, buy them a week or more ahead. Fresh boiled eggs are hard to peel. Don't allow them to be out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. At the end of the hunt, check for any cracked eggs and throw those away.

Another option is to use plastic eggs that can be filled with any number of treats. You could even fill large plastic eggs with seed packets and get the kids excited about starting a new gardening project.

Easter baskets are always a nice touch and are especially fun for kids.  To create a garden-inspired Easter basket, use one that is a classic wicker or metal.  You can line them with burlap and include gifts such as child-sized tools, seed packets, and leafy herbs.  Make sure to include a few special tasty treats and you’ll have one excited kid!


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