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The Neighborhood Gardener – November

What a great conference we had this year! With more than 300 attendees, Master Gardeners took Ft. Lauderdale by storm. Come join us at our next event, the Poinsettia Open House and Field Day. The field day will be held December 11 in Gainesville. See the hot varieties for 2008 and participate in a consumer selection survey.

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--Tom Wichman, State Master Gardener Coordinator and Esen Momol, State FYN Coordinator

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Florida-Friendly Article of the Month

5 Easy Steps to a Florida-Friendly Yard

Try these five easy step to get started on your Florida-friendly yard today! More...

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Butterfly Resources

Four new butterfly booklets are available through the IFAS Extension Bookstore. Check out "50 Common Butterflies of Florida," "Butterfly Watching Basics," "Florida Butterfly Gardening," and "Checklist of Florida Butterflies." More...

Plant of the Month


Along with hosting the larval stage of several native butterflies, cassia is also bursting with summertime color in the middle of fall More...


Q: How do I fertilize citrus?

A: Citrus is to be fertilized three times per year: February, June, and November at the rate of one pound per year of the tree's age with a maximum of thirty pounds per year per application. A 6-6-6 or 4-6-8 citrus special with minor elements or trace elements is the recommended analysis. Apply the fertilizer to the entire rooting area which extends from the trunk out to several feet beyond the drip line of the tree. More citrus FAQs

November in Your Garden

Now that temperatures are lower, use dormant oil sprays to control scale insects. For bright spots of color in winter, camellias can't be beat. Disbudding, or removing some buds now, will ensure larger blooms later.

For more month-by-month gardening tips, check out the Florida Gardening Calendar. Three different editions of the calendar provide specific tips for each of Florida's gardening regions—North, Central, and South. More...

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