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Plant Identification Learning Module
Glossary of Botanical Terms: E–N







Elliptic Leaf Shape: Broadest at the middle, the ends nearly equal. See Figure 9.
elliptic Figure 9.


Entire Leaf Margin: Uncut, without indentations. See Figure 10.
entire Figure 10.


Evergreen: Bearing leaves throughout the year.


Exfoliating: Peeling off in thin layers.



Floret: A small flower, or an individual flower in a cluster.


Funnelform Corolla Type: Tube gradually expanding upward as a funnel, the limb may be flaring or somewhat at right angles to the flower axis. See Figure 11.
funnerform> Figure 11.



Glabrous: Smooth, no hairs present.


Globose or Globular: Rounded or like a sphere.


Gymnosperm: Cone bearing plants considered more primitive than flowering plants. (Ex: Pine trees)



Herbaceous: A plant with no persistent woody stem above ground.


Husk: The hard or tough layer that covers some fruits and seeds.



Indehiscent:  A fruit that does not open spontaneously to release seeds.


Inflorescence: The flowering part of a plant.


Internode: The part of the stem that is between two nodes.



Kernel: The inner and usually edible part of a seed, grain or nut.



Lanceolate: Shaped as the head of a lance, broadened at the base and tapering toward the apex. See Figure 12.
lanceolate Figure 12.


Leaf axil:  The angle between the stem and the upper surface of an attached leaf.


Leaflet: One of the divisions of a compound leaf.


Lenticels: A group of raised, corky cells which form beneath the epidermis of a woody plant.


Linear: Long and narrow, the sides parallel or nearly so. See Figure 13.
linear Figure 13.


Lobed Leaf Margin: Divided into lobes separated by narrow or acute indentations which extend from one-third to one-half of the distance between margin and midrib. See Figure 14 .
lobed Figure 14.



Margin: The outer edge of a leaf.


Midrib: The main or central vein of a leaf.


Monoecious: Male and female flowers are borne on the same plant.



Node: The place on the stem which normally bears a leaf.