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The Roles of Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners are specially trained volunteers that help the University of Florida Extension Service by serving in a number of volunteer roles.

Their most common role is answering people's questions about gardening, either through information booths at community events or local garden centers, or by taking phone calls at the county Extension offices.

Some Master Gardeners also work with youth, setting up and maintaining school gardens or leading summer gardening camps.
A number of Master Gardener organizations hold annual plant sales that provide support for future Master Gardener projects.

One of the many benefits offered by the Florida Master Gardener Program is the opportunity for lifelong learning. Master Gardeners are taught basic botany and how to care for many different kinds of plants, from trees to flowers. They learn how to identify and manage pests and diseases, and other Florida-friendly techniques.

Everything in the Master Gardener curriculum is based on University of Florida research. And it's required that Master Gardeners stay up to date with all current research so they can offer the best customer service.

Besides monthly meetings with guest speakers, Master Gardeners can take advantage of regular regional trainings, and an annual state conference. They can even attend international conferences and go on international field trips.

So if you have a passion for gardening, consider sharing it with others by becoming a certified Florida Master Gardener and filling one of these roles!


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