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Christmas Tree Selection and Care

It's almost time for the holiday season, and nothing feels more festive than decorating a real Christmas tree.

You can purchase a pre-cut Christmas tree, cut one yourself at a local tree farm, or select a potted living tree.

Before selecting your tree, be sure you know how much room you have. There's nothing worse than buying a Christmas tree that's too big for your home. When choosing a cut tree, look for signs of dryness or deterioration, such as excessive needle loss. Give it a gentle shake—if needles drop off excessively, the tree is probably too old and dry.

Before placing your tree in a sturdy stand, give the trunk a fresh cut so that it can take up water. Get the tree in water within a few hours of cutting, even if it means putting it in a bucket of water until you get a chance to put it up. Check the reservoir daily to make sure that it's full—you'll want to provide your tree with plenty of water to keep it green and healthy.


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