University of Florida

Plant of the Month

Every month we feature a plant that we think deserves a spotlight in Florida-friendly gardening.

Meyer lemonsNovember

  • Meyer Lemon – Milder than a true lemon, this fruit tree is more cold-hardy than most and can be grown successfully in containers.

white batflowerOctober

  • Bat Flower – This exotic plant needs a little extra care, but its unusual "wings and whiskers" make it worth the effort.

bamboo cycadSeptember

  • Bamboo Cycad – This ancient plant brings a unique and exotic look to any Florida landscape, and couldn't be easier to care for.

Asiatic jasmineAugust

  • Asiatic Jasmine – This hardy groundcover can handle almost any condition, and is especially useful in places where turf won't thrive.

Agave lophanthaJuly

  • Agave lophantha – Native to Mexico and southern Texas, this desert succulent loves the heat, but can also handle a winter chill.


  • Crossandra – This tropical flower is native to South Asia, and will thrive in Florida's humidity and heat. Its orange or salmon blossoms attract hummingbirds.


  • Croton – Known for their colorful, tropical foliage, crotons will draw attention with their stunning color and make a bold statement in your house or yard.

White caladium plantApril

  • Caladiums – Native to Brazil, caladiums are known for their colorful leaves. They will attract attention to any landscape and bring life to shady areas.

Pink zinnia flowerMarch

  • Zinnias – Native to Mexico and available in a rainbow of colors, zinnias are annuals that thrive in the heat of the Florida garden.

Taiwan cherry blossomsFebruary

  • Taiwan Cherry – This Florida-Friendly tree errupts into cheerful color in early spring, with flamingo-pink flowers covering its bare branches.


  • Lettuce – Winter is the best time to grow lettuce. Good leaf lettuce selections for Florida include 'Black-seeded Simpson' and 'Red Sails'.