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Grafting and Budding Plants

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Grafting is a way that gardeners can join parts from two different plants to create a new and improved plant. Grafting is easy to learn and do. All you need is a sharp knife, healthy plant material, and the right know-how!

It allows you to combine desirable traits into a single plant. You can also use grafting as a way to make additional copies of your favorite flowering shrubs, like roses and camellias.

The first step is to create a precise wound in one young plant and insert a small branch from another. Then you wrap up the wound, wait a season, and the result is a new plant.

The term “budding” refers to a special type of grafting that uses a single bud.

Due to the spread of citrus disease, the entire state of Florida is under quarantine for citrus greening disease, Asian citrus psyllid, citrus canker and sweet orange scab.

As part of the quarantine, it is unlawful for homeowners to propagate (graft or bud) citrus plants.

Learn more at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website, Save Our Citrus.