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Screening Undesirable Views

Even the best yard can have a less-than-perfect view. Maybe you live on a busy street, or you find yourself staring at your neighbor's trash can more often than you'd like. If so, try screening the view.

Hedges will provide good privacy, but they do require regular maintenance. Look for hardy evergreen varieties if you want year-round coverage.

Trees can also serve as screens. Choose evergreens with dense foliage and low branches. Remember it may take several years before they'll be large enough to provide protection.

And of course, you can add a fence to define the boundaries of your property and provide privacy and security for kids and pets. But you shouldn't feel limited to these traditional options.

Tall ornamental grasses work great as screens. They fill in quickly and have interesting texture that extends through the winter months.

Another option is a vine-covered trellis. These can be constructed of wood, vinyl, or even metal cabling strung between upright supports. An evergreen vine will create a year-round screen. Outdoor fabric can be used for colorful screens and curtains.

And remember containers, too. A grouping of potted plants can easily screen smaller items like utility pumps or compost bins. They'll add color and also create a visual boundary.


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