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Giving the Lawnmower a Tune-Up

We don't give our lawnmowers much thought in the winter months, but this is the perfect time to give your mower a tune-up. A well-maintained lawnmower uses less gas, has cleaner exhaust, and will last longer. Lawnmower maintenance is very similar to car maintenance, so if you own a car, chances are that most of these tasks are familiar to you.

For best performance, your tune-up should take place every three months, or about every 25 hours of use, and should include several tasks. Change the oil in your mower engine. If your engine has an oil filter, replace it as well.

You'll also want to change the spark plugs. New spark plugs will ensure that your mower engine will start when you need it to.
Replace the air filter. Check the owner's manual to determine the type your mower takes.

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