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Renovating Mulched Beds

Mulch plays a star role in Florida-Friendly yards. You can keep your mulched beds looking their best by renovating them every year.

If your mulch has lightened in color, raking it can give it a quick and easy face lift. Leaves are a wonderful free mulch, but they can mat down over time and prevent water and air from reaching the soil. Loosen any matted mulch with a rake or pitchfork.

A perk of organic mulch is that it breaks down over time, adding valuable organic matter to the soil, but it does need to be replenished periodically. Just add a fresh layer of mulch on top of the old until you achieve a three-inch depth.

And if you see a white growth in your organic mulch, don't fret—it's just a beneficial fungus that helps break down the mulch.

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