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Renovating Your Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Florida winters are mercifully short, and that means warm weather is right around the corner. With spring quickly approaching, now's the time to think about renovating your garden beds.

Overgrown plants may need to be thinned out, tired soil may be in need of amendments, and you might even want to add something new.

When you renovate vegetable and flower beds (or create new ones), it's important to add organic matter, because it helps retain nutrients and water in our sandy soils.

Organic compost made from yard and kitchen waste can be created in your own yard, and free compost might be available from your local government. Other sources of organic matter include peat moss and composted manure.

When renovating your beds, remove all weeds and dead or dying plants and work three to four inches of organic matter into the soil to a depth of six to twelve inches.

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